Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.

Yesterday Angie's cousin got married at the MGM grand. We had originally planned on going down there for the wedding but it just turned out to be too darn expensive. Now, I'm really glad we didn't go. The MGM grand offers a service where you can watch the weddings in their wedding chapel over the Internet. Since Angie's grandma couldn't make it down to the wedding, we drove over to her house and watched it on the computer with her.

The wedding started promptly at 5pm and lasted a grand total of 9 minutes and 42 seconds. At least that's how long the real player stream lasted. It was really pretty sad. During the ceremony the bride and groom were laughing hysterically too. It went something like this:

Minister: "In sickness and in health"
Bride: *laugh* *laugh* "In sickness" *laugh* "and in health"
Minister: "Till death do us part"
Bride: *laugh* *nose snort* *laugh*

It was really pretty sad. I'm glad we didn't spend the $800 it would have take to fly down there for two days. I would have been ticked had we spent that much money for a wedding that didn't even last ten minutes!
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