Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

It is basically like a rolodex with bitch-tits

So yesterday they weather people ( included) forecasted three straight days of snow. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all snow they say. For those of you that don't know, that's very rare here in Oregon. We're lucky to get snow for three days in an entire year.

However, in the 24 years that I've been alive I don't think the weathermen have ever correctly forecasted snow. Case in point last week. It snowed on an off all week, we had three inches of snow on the ground for the better part of a week and they didn't see it coming a mile away. Now they're forecasting three days in a row? I'm call BS! You want my prediction for the next three days? NOTHING! It will be sort of cold, and sort of wet. ZERO snow!

Right now my thermometer says it's 38 degrees outside. It couldn't snow if it wanted to! Granted we live near a gorge which can really wreak havoc upon the weather (some would argue that's why the weather men never forecast right) I still don't think we'll get any snow. My forecast is based purely out of spite for all the weather men that promised me snow as a little kid and all I got was another day of school.


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