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Scott Francis Baker

January 1st, 2004

I don't like it when juice wears tights @ 08:57 am

Holy crap! I just woke up because my stomach is a little upset, something about all the alcohol I drank last night? I'm not really sure what it's talking about. About 5 seconds later the phone rings and it's Angie's company calling about the alarm. So I have to wake her up to give her the phone. She gets up and starts wandering around with the phone when she says, "Oh my gosh, Scott look outside." So I pull up the shade and it's TOTALLY snowing outside. There is probably two inces of snow on the ground and it's still coming down.

The wind is blowing really hard so snow is everywhere. On my back patio even my outdoor table is covered in snow, and it's under my covered patio. In fact it's so windy that the neighbor cat that always sleeps on that chair is looking at me through the window sleeping on one of the chairs, lightly dusted with snow!
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Scott Francis Baker