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Scott Francis Baker

December 12th, 2003

If there is one company that could flick me like a booger off the finger of the world it is M$ @ 03:00 pm

I found this article about Bob Barker's 80th birthdayd coming up and I had to share this little gem with all of you. It's gorgeous :)

Barker: "I tell you who's had the biggest effect: Adam Sandler. For one of his early pictures, Happy Gilmore, he wrote a part in which I played myself in a golf tournament and we had this fight. That happened four or five years ago, and I don't do a taping at which somebody doesn't ask me something about that movie. Mostly, they want to know why I haven't done more pictures. I tell them the reason is because I refuse to do nude scenes. I don't want to be just another beautiful body."
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Scott Francis Baker