Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Wanna-be ninja freaks out and assassinates milkman

Oh wow... I'm listening to NPR and they had a segment about John Boyd Malvo (the DC Sniper) and they were saying he was brainwashed by Muhammad and that's why he shot all those people. That I could probably understand but they're claiming that part of the reason he shot those people was because he was forced to watch violent movies and play violent video games.

Albarus was not permitted to talk about Malvo's impressions of the film. But she said she watched the movie and saw Malvo in the role of the hero, Neo, who brings about a massive societal change. Muhammad filled the role of Morpheus, who served as Neo's mentor, Albarus said.

"Neo was going to contribute significantly to change of the system," Albarus said.

Albarus is the social worker assigned to the case. In addition to the Matrix, violent video games, and even the mini-series Roots were sited as potential causes of the shootings.

Read the rest of the article and tell me what you think.

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