Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Five lowest-paid NFL teams have better combined record than five highest-paid squads

So I'm rebuilding this Windows 2000 machine here at work and goign through the Windows Update process. After probably three reboots I've installed the Service pack and all the updates required except for Internet Explorer. I saved the best for last so to speak.

So I download an install IE and reboot and check Windows Update one last time and lo and behold there are six (6!!!) more updates. I'm thinking, I know I just checked this damn thing and there were NONE left. Then Jared points out that I just installed IE and thus all those patches were for IE. I check it and sure enough he's right!

So Microsoft doesn't even include the latest patch when you download IE. You have to install IE and then install the patches. Two separate Windows Update sessions and two reboots. Very lame!

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