Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Scientists hope to glean information about whales by studying their massive excrement.

Wow that totally sucked. I had a nice little LJ post written up until Firebird decided to crap out on me. So anyway, the other day at work we bought this new Extreme Networks switch. I've spent the last couple days learning it, it's really badass. I'm pretty impressed with Extreme Networks gear. However the main functionality we purchased the switch for is only available with a $750 software key. We weren't told that before we bought it. Now we're trying to work out some deal with the vendor.

My Linux conversion here at home is working out quite well. I'm glad I decided to switch, it gives me some cool toys to play with. It's nice to just have things work, like my digital camera and my USB printer. Both automatically detected and setup. On Windows both of those required funky drivers and multiple reboots. They were always a pain when setting up my machine. Not any more.

I installed Sodipodi here at home and SVGd up Mr. Buttlertron vector graphics are badass. I'll have to do up some more later. So much good animation to vectorize.

"I AM NOT A TRACER!" - Banky

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