Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
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On the fourth day of software devlopment, I received Four Blink Tags

I love Savage Love Mr. Bigglesworth!

I had a mishap this morning. While trimming my pubes, I accidentally trimmed off a chunk of clit. My concern is regarding the healing process. Is it going to heal normally? What are my risks of infection? Do you think that the scar tissue will affect the feeling? I'm concerned about this affecting my sex life. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Chunk Lost In Trim

You trimmed off a chunk of your clit? A chunk? Jesus Christ, CLIT, what are you using to trim your pubes? A riding lawnmower?

And, like, excuse me, but your first impulse after carving off a chunk of your clit was to send me a letter? If my clit was lighter by a chunk and bleeding like crazy, CLIT, my first impulse wouldn't be to dash to the computer to send an e-mail to some fag who writes a sex-advice column. I would go see my fucking gynecologist! You may be at risk of infection, you may lose some sensation if scar tissue builds up, and it may affect your sex life. But only a doctor can examine what's left of your clit, look for any signs of deadly clit-eating bacteria, and offer you the medical and/or surgical intervention you may require.

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