Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I even got Star Was Galaxies installed and running. I created a Wookie medic.

Today Derek and I went and saw the director's cut/rerelease of Alien on the big screen. Unfortunately we ended up going to Century Eastport 16, but luckily the parking wasn't total ass like it normally is there.

I must say I didn't go to the movie expecting a lot, just a chance to see a cool movie on the big screen. I was wrong, that movie looks really good on the big screen, especially since they added back a lot of smaller scenes. It was very Kubrick-esque with long slow pans of the gorgeous sets. It was a very cool experience overall, I'm very glad I went. They even took out the one thing that totally bugged me about that movie, the part at the end when you see the alien go by on all fours. You could really tell it was a guy in a rubber suit. All gone in the director's cut.

I'm really stoked to see Alien vs. Predator now. It's got major potential, I hope they don't screw it up! I totally have $100 on the aliens though. Predator is just some guy in a fancy suit with a gun. Aliens are hardcore animalistic deadly hunters. Predator doesn't stand a chance!

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