Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"I'm a gentlemen, I ask before I put it in the butt it " - Jared Hayes

So I just got done playing a little Super Mario Sunshine that my buddy themabbi let me borrow and I had to make a post about my experience. Upon entering the level I was told that there was a terrible monster poluting the local harbor and I was going to have to take it. Well being the fearless italian plumber that I am I donned my scuba suit and plunged into the murky depths. After swimming to the bottom for the while I was faced with the most vicious boss I've ever seen. Are you ready for this!?!

It was a gigantic eel with a plaque problem! I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to! So being the fearless italian plumber I was forced to use my water jets to clean the plaque from his teeth all while trying not to drown. Apparenlty in Mario land if you start to run out of air you pick up a couple of coins and you're fine. I guess that's to be expected where the scourge of the sees is a ginormous eel with some tooth decay. Wow.
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