Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

In a move sure to keep him from being evicted, man kills his landlord over $10

It's officially started raining again in Oregon. I anticipate another 200 days straight of rain before we see any sunshine again. I kinda missed it though. Something nice about the rain that keeps things fresh and new. Today after work I guess potsie and I are gonna go up to the hospital to see my mom. I need to find some place I can get some nice scotch for my dad. Their aniversary is coming up. I'll probably just wander into the liquor store and ask the clerk for the best $50 scotch they have.

On another note we're supposed to play paintball tomorrow at James' field but I have a feeling we may have to call it off it's pretty windy/rainy/wet. We'll see how today shapes up.
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