Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

tengo un mono en mis pantalones!

Regularly (every Friday?) my company volunteers to help serve lunch at the "Canby Adult Center." Basically it's a social club for the elderly around town. Basically we hand out milk or water if they want it and then serve whatever meal they've cooked.

Therein lies the problem however. First off, there are two different sizes of milk: large and small. The large milk is probably 6 ounces and the small is maybe 4 ounces. Either way they are both really small in my mind. God forbid you accidentally try and serve a large milk to someone who wanted a small milk. God lord! They will defintely let you know that they did not want that large milk! Today I had one guy ask for water, and the woman next to him asked for milk. I grabbed one of each but when I set them down I set them down backwards and wow, did that lady ever freak out. Rather than simply switching who the respective drinks were in front of, she freaked out. "I didn't order that, I wanted milk!!!" *sigh*

Then there are the "diabetics" and the "low-cholesterols" who get different meals. Today I was in charge of passing out cookies and I accidentally sat a cookie in front of a diabetic because I didn't see her little sign. "I already have mine thank you very much!!!" She says while thrusting the bag of cookies I set in front of her back at me. I wish you could have seen the force I used to type those words, it was quite representative of the tone of voice that woman used.

I'm just a damn volunteer trying to be nice and help out, but damn those people are picky. It's like they spent the last 70 years of their lives building up all this hatred only to let it out on the poor lunch serving volunteer. Dag y0!

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