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Scott Francis Baker

September 23rd, 2003

there were still quite a few products that frankly sucked Bowser's big, fiery nutsack @ 10:49 pm

Angie cleaned up a little of our extra bedroom the other day. That in conjunction with me setting up her old bed in there gives me a nice little place to read again. Since Angie moved in I can't read in bed because we don't go to bed at the same time. Now I can Tolkien in peace. I picked up Lord of the Rings for the final third last night and I'd forgotten how good it really is. Tolkien 0wns!

I really hope this story is not true. If it's true I'm totally out $100 as soon as I get my debit card from my new bank. The Game Cube has too many tempting games, that my friends (scotty and themabbi) already have. I'd essentially just pick up the system and borrow games from them :)
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Scott Francis Baker