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Scott Francis Baker

September 12th, 2003

Czech man tricked into giving girlfriend his sperm @ 11:02 pm

We're all totally over at Voltron right now having a totally bomb ass party for my boy whitaker. It's a totally awesome party and I'm pretty buzzed. brad and evan are here and they translated Rammstein. I guess Du Hast is a wedding song, but it's about a guy who says no to his girlfriend. Bad ass, I love Rammstein. I totally want to watch my Rammstein Live Aus Berlin DVD now. ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!

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Date:September 13th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC)
i've only got it on CD. ~shrug~
i confused the hell out of the guy who i bought it from, picked it up along with a Newsboys CD, lol. i've got issues.

Scott Francis Baker