Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"That's more than I could smuggle in my rectum" - Jared Hayes

I just got back from playing a sweet Over-the-Line game with Ben, Ben's Dad, Anil, Ferrell, and Anthony. It was a great game, but we did finally prevail. Thus the losers had to buy the winner's lunch! Burgervill never tasted so sweet, oh yes! The highlight of the game was when I almost killed Anil. I hit a pop fly that he tried to catch and it bounced off his glove and hit him in the face. The hit bent his glasses and gave him a serious bloody nose. He took it like a man and was playing again in 5 minutes.

Great game, but now I'm totally exhausted. I'll probably take a little nap and then head over to Voltron and maybe play some games with Ferrell and Ben. We'll see how long I sleep.

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