Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

New websites help people catch their cheating spouses

Just got back from another exciting Beaver's game. Unfortunately they lost again, but we had quite a crew go down there anyway: muerteangzcanilnaikthemabbipotsiegorgonousferrelwhitaker, it was a good time.

We got to sit in the box because Radke's buddy had some extra tickets. It's always nice to have them bring you beer and food. The lines at that place are pretty horrendous. Would have been nice to see them win, they did have a pretty nice comeback, it just wasn't enough. And a poll to discuss what we discussed at the park tonight:

Poll #163295 Camel Toe: Hot or Not

Is Camel Toe Hot?

Wow yes that's totally hot
I like men, no it's not hot at all
I'm sort of undecided
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