Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburne: "Super-duper magical Negroes"

OMG I TOTALLY MET WIL WHEATON! His site said yesterday that he'd be in downtown today signing his book so potsie, gorgonous, and themabbi went down to see him. Picked up a copy of his book down there for $13 and read part of it while waiting for him to arrive. He's a really small guy, short and skinny. He read from his book for probably half an hour and then signed his books.

As I was waiting in line I noticed he had a Strongbad pin so I mentioned it and he totally went off on a Strongbad tangent for a couple of minutes. I guess the Strongbad guys gave the pin to him. He totally out geeked us. Jason was pretty star struck and in the middle of the mini-strongbad conversation Jason says "We're totally having a conversation with Wesley Fucking Crusher" it was classic. Wil's a really cool guy, I really dig him.

I actually saw Eric Raymond there too. He must be in town for OScon. He was pretty weird, kinda shakey... almost looked drunk. Not really sure what was going on, I was sorta surprised.

In closing... I MET WIL WHEATON!!!
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