Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Burt Reynolds attacks puppet

Yesterday Russ comes into my cubicle and says "There is a meeting at 9am I think you should go to." So I check my calendar and there's nothing waiting for me. "I don't show a meeting on my calendar, what's it about?" "You really should go..." and then he walked away. So I go to this mysterious meeting wondering what it could be about. It was about 5 minutes long and half the company was there. My old boss' boss Connie put in her resignation. Pretty crazy, sorta came out of no where.

And on a totally different note:

ScottChiefBaker: What's the big seller?
cac0f0ny: but yesterday i got one of those $150 ones out
ScottChiefBaker: ???
ScottChiefBaker: You sold $150 dildo?
cac0f0ny: yar
ScottChiefBaker: No way... what the heck does it do?
cac0f0ny: the dishes
cac0f0ny: no, not really
cac0f0ny: but it has a digital screen on it
ScottChiefBaker: WHAT!?!
cac0f0ny: i'm totally serious
ScottChiefBaker: No farking way... digital display? Does it give you a measurement of the pleasure value in full LCD glory?
cac0f0ny: nah
cac0f0ny: it just tells them which mode it's running it
cac0f0ny: they totally could get more creative with it

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