Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

'We shall resist the machines... WITH THE POWER OF TECHNO!!!!' - Morpheus

Wiring class was ok today. More of a sales pitch then a class, but it was still interesting. Learned more about Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 and some basic wiring stuff.

ScottChiefBaker: you read whitakers journal?
Potsie: Yeah. What's that stuff about?
ScottChiefBaker: I'm gonna kill him
Potsie: I don't understand what it's about.
ScottChiefBaker: Did you look at the pic
Potsie: Looking at it now.
ScottChiefBaker: If not
ScottChiefBaker: Don't
ScottChiefBaker: ARGH
ScottChiefBaker: STOP
ScottChiefBaker: it's not too late
ScottChiefBaker: I told you
Potsie: I didn't let it finish loading so I don't think I got the brunt of it.

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