Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Ever wanted to wear a Pickle Hat? Here's your chance

Angie, Ben, and I just played a couple of cool Cheapass games. We played: The Great Brain Robbery, and Kill Dr. Lucky. Ben picked them up at the game store the other day when we were there. I think they were $7 a piece or something. They're both pretty fun, and pretty simple.

So I started poking around their site and I saw that they have a lot of cool games. I ended up spending $50 on their site and getting 12 games. Where else can you get 12 (!!!) games for $50! I picked up: Bitin' Off Hedz, Chief Herman's Holiday Fun Pack, Deadwood, Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, Devil Bunny Hates The Earth, Landyland, Mana Burn, Spree! (HK Edition), Vegas, The Very Clever Pipe Game, Steam Tunnel, and Nexus.

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