Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

"I dunno im at work at 7.30am man i should be in bed wanking" - Andrew

WTF is going on! I got a voicemail from Anil last night that he didn't wanna go camping because he wanted to stay home and read. Holy crap man, grow a set! Angie is going, she has more balls then him. If you want to cancel, that's fine but good lord how about letting us know before the DAY BEFORE!

So I guess Ferrel isn't going either, but he didn't even bother to let us know. So not only is he not going to go but he didn't even tell us that he wasn't going! That's totally lame! We've been playing this for a long time, a little notice would have been nice.

Not to mention that we ALREADY paid for the campsite planning on eight people being there. So now we have this massive campsite that we don't need that cost us MORE money. I'm so pissed right now. That's uber lame! I'm kicking both their asses later.

Big ups to Angie, Isaac, and Jason for being on top of things. They rock!

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