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Scott Francis Baker

May 9th, 2003

ok dude who would win in a vampire slaying fight, buffy or jesus? @ 07:36 pm

DJ Derek: I told Em about Indy coming to DVD and she was like "that's nice dear". And I'm like "I'm getting it" and she's like "sure, dear. With what money" and I'm like "It's Indian Freakin' Jones, biotch!"
ScottChiefBaker: THAT'S RIGHT
ScottChiefBaker: YOU TELL HER!
ScottChiefBaker: RAWR
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Date:May 9th, 2003 09:03 pm (UTC)
and then em said, "but dear, what about my jenny craig meeting this week? how will we afford to pay for it?"
derek: "why don't you sell a kidney?"
em: "well why don't you go sell... wait, i already made you sell everything... hee hee hee..."
(as she rides off on her broom with her flying monkeys"

Scott Francis Baker