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Scott Francis Baker

May 5th, 2003

I feel like I've been ass raped by a love sick ebola monkey - Jason Dietz @ 12:10 am

Yesterday we went and saw X-Men 2 which many people have already reviewed as excellent. I would whole heartedly agree with that review, it's a very good movie. I really liked it. I ended up taking Sawyer Meek to see it and the entire car ride to the theater he was totally ripping Ben apart it was hillarious.

For dinner Angie made some nice lasagna (la-zog-na) which was quite tasty. After dinner the three of us played a little Boggle and of course I won. I'm the Boggle champion of the Baker family! Needless to say Angie got "clarinet" which was pretty crazy.

Today I researched ripping DVD audio tracks to MP3. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be so I wrote up some quick instructions: DVD2MP3 v2.0.
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Scott Francis Baker