Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Big J: god i need DSL, dial up porn is so slow

Today I spent most of the afternoon in the CO working with Tony to wire up our sixth DSLam (Canby-6). Pretty nuts running all that cable, 6 gauge wire, to run all that juice. 48 volts AC and about 32 amps when it's full. That's a lot of juice! Not to mention that the power connection terminal holds 4 other DSLams all with the same power consumption. So you do the math, it's a LOT of electricity. So we're wiring eveything up to these raw copper plates, no fancy plugs here this is real men's electrical stuff. That stuff freaks me out! Anyway we got it all up and working so that's good!

I came home and saw that the first episode of Family Business had downloaded. I didn't know anything about it except that it was on Showtime and was semi-popular. So I load it up and watch it and it's freaking great! I love it! It's like reality TV about this single father whose a porno director/star. Not to mention he works with his mom and his cousin. Good stuff!
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