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Scott Francis Baker

March 9th, 2003

Operation: Winnuke @ 11:29 pm

So about 2:45 today Angie and I got back from Catholic Engaged Encounter... It started Friday night around 7:30 and finished up Sunday at 2pm. It was a pretty wild experience. There were 30 total couples (60 people) and five leaders. Two married Catholic couples and a priest. Basically they talk about some aspect of married life for 20 minutes and then you and your financee write in your notebook responses to questions regarding that aspect of marriage.

There were probably 15 topics, each taking about 45 minutes. So you have to handwrite all your responses in this book and then give them to your fiancee to read. I haven't handwritten anything in a long time, let alone something of that quantity. Saturday was the long day, 14 hours of pure marriage stuff. Ugh. They might as well call it Marriage Bootcamp, it was really hardcore. Everyone was completely and totally drained yesterday.

Overall it was a good experience, it was just a little overwhelming. At least it was at this cool facility. With 60 people there we all had to share rooms. There were four people in my room on two bunk beds. We had a good time, and got along well. There was however a guy in my room that even rivaled Ben at his snoring prowess! Wow! I'm not kidding, the first night I think I only got 45 minutes worth of sleep.

We did however make friends with another of my roomates Curtis and his fiancee Amanda. They were pretty cool, we got along really well. It was amusing watching him accidentally smack her in the forehead with a ping pong paddle. Good times. Now I think it's time for bed as I'm quite exhausted.
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Date:March 10th, 2003 05:07 am (UTC)
no one knows how to party like those wild catholic party animals!

Scott Francis Baker