Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Been dumped? The best revenge may not be a 2.5 ton fireball

Today was interesting... potsie and I spent about 3 hours this afternoon putting this massive mural together for our company banquet. Tony bought all the lumber and Jason and I helped him put it together. This mural is 9.5 feet high and 12 feet wide. It comes in 8 pieces, so we have to building a portable frame that we can affix it to. Since the banquet is at the country club we can't just attach it to the wall. So we built this massive frame to staple it to, and then we can just lean it against the wall. It took a long freaking time, and a lot of energy to put it all together. Overall I'd say it turned out pretty well, as we were feeling pretty manly when it was all done.

After work, gorgonous, potsie and I went to Frys to look at walkie talkies. After way too much time trying to decide we ended up with the TalkAbout T5420. I guess if you get into even semi-nice walkie talkies you start needing an FCC license to operate them. We were looking around the walkie talkie aisle for like 45 minutes because we didn't know what to get. We ended up calling my buddy Travis. He told me that you don't really need a license because it wasn't enforced. So we ended up getting the ones that ones that don't need a license. Oh yes, good times!

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