Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

sixty-three percent of AOL users said that their spouse was also mentally deficient

Ben's Gauntlet of Pain birthday present is killing me. So far I've gotten: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Sweet Sixteen the book, the William Shattner and Leonard Nimoy CD, and Freddy Got Fingered! Ouch...

Also of note was the conversation I had with Derek yesterday about the apple juice they have "on tap" at the local pizza place.

Me: You really should try the apple juice it's great!
Derek: I may have to
Me: What do you mean?
Derek: "We're" not drinking pop any more
Me: We?
Derek: Emily and I
Me: Why not?
Derek: *pause* Emily... *grumble*

Then he walked away. She's really cracking that whip!
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