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Scott Francis Baker

February 24th, 2003

Andrew: did you have to scrape all the bits of shuttle and astronaught off your car this morning @ 10:53 pm

Finished off my taxes today... All told I should be getting back enough money from uncle sam to really fix up my house. I think I'll tear out the flooring in the kitchen and probably the bathroom as well and put tile in there. That should look really nice, plus I know a really great "tile guy," a poker buddy of my uncles so it'll be really cool. It will be quite nice to get rid of that nasty old linoleum that's in there now. I don't have a problem with linoleum per say, just a probably with old nasty tan 70s linoleum.

I picked up The Mark of Kri the other day at Fry's for $20. So far it's a pretty cool game. Any game where you can repeatedly stab guys in the nuts in slow motion is ok in my book. Your characters name is Rau and he's basically this badass samurai guy with some sweet sword moves. Oh ya!
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Date:February 25th, 2003 07:36 pm (UTC)
My cousin Amy layed the tile in my parents house. About two years ago... Try to get black or a dark grout. I think it looks better plus its not as easy to see dirt. Although if you get dark grout you usually have dark tile...

Scott Francis Baker