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Scott Francis Baker

January 17th, 2003

New in version 0.80, "Tanned Otter" @ 09:39 pm

Ahhh the stuff you find on the internet

What is the weirdest thing that has happened during one of your exams?

"I sat next to Elisabeth Shue ’85-’00." -Mike T. Wahl ’03

"A guy came in and announced he had a bomb. The exam was postponed until after intercession." -Kate Richey ’03

"My friend took a katana [sword] and pretended to stab himself. Then he ran out of the room." -Andrea L. Tsai ’03

"Someone had a pizza delivered." -Nicole Corriero ’05

"Someone yelled out, ‘What the fuck?’" -Coral X. Day-Davis ’05

"I had sustained sexual arousal." -Natalia A. Jose Truszkowska ’04
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Scott Francis Baker