Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Andrew: do you ever like to sit infront of the TV alone at home playing with your balls?

After the rousing performance of Bad Taste we watched the other night I had to rent Dead Alive. Holy Crap. Wow. Sweet Mother of God. What in the hell. Sheyot! DAMN! That movie is so incredibly messed up it's not even funny. Wow... wow... wow. Loved it, but wow. I recommend seeing it if you have a strong stomach.

Also a little philosophy for you tonight:

eclecticrubbish: I had a great idea: everyone knows the best places in the US are on the coasts.
eclecticrubbish: So we should carve out all of the states that have no coast, and fill them with water.
eclecticrubbish: Then all of the states will have coasts.
eclecticrubbish: No one likes the midwest anyways.
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