Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Potsie: Why don't we eat sea mammals?

Wow! Nostradamus apparently predicted that Winona Ryder would shoplift, that guy is amazing! Do people really believe this stuff? I mean anyone could throu up a site that says "Nostradamus predicted my dog would crap in my yard!"

Prediction: Winona Ryder's arrest on shoplifting charges
Translated: October 30, 2002

Beyond the ghostly pale
The child from Betelgeuse
Her life interrupted
Ridier shall succumb to weakness

At the pentacle of Sacques
The Horn'd One3 shall whisper
thoughts of brazen thievery
into young Wynone's ear

Silken finery from the East
garments befitting our Queen
all in her possession
none paid for in like coin

The constables shall surround her
"Thief" they shall point and cry
But the lass is adamant
that they did conspire against her person

Stolen from I recommend reading it, apparently he also predicted the A-Team

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