Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Running over cop - bad idea. Doing it again - priceless

Why are spammers so dumb?

From: "W2K Servers Needed" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 7:07 AM
Subject: I need 2 win2k dedicated servers

If you've already received this email, please disregard it.

I need 2 dedicated servers running Windows 2000, with FTP and Terminal
Services access. I will be increasing servers if your service meets our
demands. You will get occasional spam complaints (at most 5 per month). I
won't be spamming or port scanning directly from the servers. I will be
mailing through proxies, so you will get very few complaints, if any at all.
If you can provide this service, please reply back and let me know.

Don't they know Linux will send spam much better! Seriously, who in their right mind is going to allow this guy on their network. HELLO! Way too much liability.

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