Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I tried to kill myself by swallowing a frisbee a couple of times

So yesterday I get a letter from US Bank. It's a check they returned to me that never cleared the bank. A check for $768 (+ $5 handling fee) that Ben wrote me in July! The check was returned for "uncollected funds," which according to one of the ladies in our finance department means that my bank requested the money from the OTHER bank and the other bank denied it. Not for insufficient funds or anything but because of paper work (bad account number, wrong branch, etc).

So this is back in July this is happening. Somehow the check got rejected and they mailed me back. Postmark on the envelope is July 31st 2002, but I just got the letter yesterday. I called the Post Office and they said that it's quite possible that the letter just got lost. So I call the bank to figure out what's going on. They can't check back farther than three months. Well that doesn't help me because I just got the letter! The Internet will only go back three months also. They were more than happy to order me back copies of my statements for a fee. Wrong! Not my mess up!

Basically she told me that if I have the check in my hand (which I do) then the money never got deposited in my account. So apparently I've been out for $768 for 5 months and I never new it. I sorta doubt that because I would have known if I was out $768! Ben would have noticed too, "Hmmmm I have an extra $700 this month time to call 1-800-cheap-date." Somehow I don't think I'm really out $768, but I'm hoping I am. Assuming the bank was correct in that statement then I have $768 coming to me that I wasn't counting on!

So both Ben and I ordered past bank statements to compare. We'll see what happens in a week when they get here.

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