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Scott Francis Baker

December 8th, 2002

Great cow of Moscow! @ 11:01 pm

Angie and I got our picture taken with Santa (my uncle) at the mall today. Wandered around for a while but didn't have much luck getting any of my Christmas shopping done. Later in the afternoon Ben and went to Fry's so he could pick up some DVDs and I found Buttcrack on DVD. I know nothing of the movie except it's made my troma and it's about butt cracks. I picked it up for my brother for Xmas.

Also Ben and I just got done with a rousing round of Uniracers thanks to Zsnes' network ability. Somehow it lets you play old Super Nintendo games over the network. How cool is that! That and I just downloaded what is reported to be every SNES rom ever should prove interesting once I get my computer hooked up to the big screen in the front room.
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Date:December 8th, 2002 11:24 pm (UTC)
lol tight dude! Uniracers was da shit!!!

i'll hafta bring my laptop over sometime and steal all your roms ; )

Scott Francis Baker