Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I rented the Stargate SG1 DVDs from Netflix. I'd seen bits and pieces of certain shows and thought it was decent. It's also been getting quite good reviews for a sci-fi show. So far I've watched the first three episodes and I'm pretty impressed. It's a pretty decent show.

I tested my TV out on my computer the other day. It worked flawlessly both in Linux and in Windows. That pretty much cemented the fact that I'm going to have build a small computer to play video on my big screen. With all the great video and TV shows I'm downloading off the Internet (Read: DuckTales) it'll be a great addition to my home theater. Just need to start working out specs. Just need a good motherboard and I'll be set.

Ben's in the other room playing Miss Word '96 Nude right now. Hahahaha what a great game. I can't wait until I get my video machine for the front room, not only will I be able to play Divx on my big screen but also all those great MAME games.

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