Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Thank you for calling Web-ster Internet, this is Darth Jason

Angie just came over and she noticed that the pond was sounding a little funny. "Why is there no water in your pond," she says. "Oh it's there, you just can't see it cuz it's dark," I reply. WRONG! I had an electrician out to wire an exterior outlet today. He got it all working and we plugged in the pump and everything was good to go. Well it was pretty dark by the time he left (5:15pm or so) so I just heard the pump kick on and the water start flowing. Little did I know it wasn't flowing back into the pond, but instead into my yard. The electrician must have kicked the hose just enough that it got out of the waterfall that I built and into the yard. Needless to say my pond had about 2 inches of water in it for the last 2 hours. It's slowly refilling now.
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