Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Potsie: When dial up networking leaves it's house, I bang his wife.

Just got back from a serious geek day with gorgonous. First we went to Riverdale High School to see the RedHat guys on their road tour. Pretty cool to meet them, talk to them and see how things on the other side work. They were far more personable than I expected, they were hardly geeks. I sure they took the cream of the crop from RedHat and put them on that RV. I did win a RedHat t-shirt for asking a question, that was pretty cool. I'll have to wear that bad boy to work!

After that we went over to brad's to talk about some S2 stuff he wants us to hack on. Probably take a look at that next week, if I have some time. I have a feel with the big R.A.T.S. rollout it might be a little busy. We'll have to see. Should be interesting to hack on, Brad totally went crazy on it. S2 is totally and completely nuts! You can configure damn near anything you want for that thing it's pretty cool. He also informed us that PHP coders lick pussy all day long :) Pretty exciting.

Now I'm home and waiting for some folks to come over and watch Episode 2 and get trashed. Should be a good time! WOOHOO!
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