Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell

Woohoo!!! Operation Screeching Cobra was a complete success! For those of you not in the know Operation Screeching Cobra was the covert op that involved me taking some DVDs Ben ordered on the Internet from the mailbox, sabatoging them, and replacing them later.

It went down like this... I came home at lunch to check the mail and see if I got the DVDs I ordered. I didn't, but Ben got his. Well I took them so they wouldn't be sitting in the mailbox to potentially get stolen. On the way back to work potsie started thinking about how we could pull a great prank on Ben. I figured we could OPEN the box and replace all the DVD cover slips (they're just paper you can slide out) with something we could print out. bigj found a site that has a whole bunch of scanned DVD covers. We racked our brains until we came up with a list of 4 DVDs that he'd never want: Freddy got Fingered, Anaconda, Pokemon: The Movie, and Splash. In retrospect he probably would have liked Splash.

So we downloaded the covers, printed them out, cut them out and placed them in the DVD cases. They looked great!

bigj got to thinking that we should print CD labels as well! So he busted out his CD label printing program and we put the following labels on the fake Cisco documentation CDs to be used as bait: Ice Age, Roller Ball, Cross Roads, and How High. The best part was that the printer messed up on printing Ice Age and Roller Ball so I had to adlib and write by hand with a sharpie marker the title. The prank was almost complete. With everything completed I reassembled all the cases and put them back in the box, a couple inches of packing tape later I was in business.

I got home, and placed the contraband on the kitchen table. I guess I left the mailbox open because Ben came in to ask me if I had got the mail today because the mailbox was left open with one letter left. He thought someone had stolen his DVDs that were supposed to arrive! I assured him that they were safe and waiting for him on the kitchen table. At that point Angie and I left to get to an appointment that we never made it to :( On the way home I called him to ask him about the DVDs I ordered. He launched into a big story about how he got the WRONG DVDs, and even the cases didn't match the "bootleg" DVDs he got. He was sure that the company messed up, or they had a rogue warehouse worker. I played along the whole time until he told me that he called the company to complain and they were sending him a replacement set.

I had to break down at that point so I told him to go into my office and open the drawer where I hid the goods. He figured it out at that point and immediately threatened my life :) I told him I'd make sure everything was ok and I'd pick the actual DVDs (I left them at work) on the way home. Good thing I swung by work because I had time to warn bigj that I may make a last ditch effort to call his cell phone if Ben came at me with a knife. Jared assured me he had his rifles ready :)

I did end up calling the company and telling them the story so they could cancel the replacement order. The lady laughed and wanted to make sure I gave him back the DVDs before assuring me the replacement order had been cancelled. is a pretty good company and they're easy to get a hold of on the phone. So if you're looking to buy some DVDs from a company with a sense of humor check them out.

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