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Scott Francis Baker

November 7th, 2002

Andrew: do you now have a big neon sign above your desk that says "worlds greatest lover" @ 11:21 pm

Today we had a meeting/lunch with all the big wigs at our company and another company, WIN. Basically it was a sales pitch to get our company to buy into their SONET ring network idea. Theyr'e trying to get all the local independent phone companies connected via one large SONET network. I wasn't expecting the meeting to be nearly so formal. It was a pretty interesting taste of corporate america, and a good psychology lesson. Interesting watching "bigwigs" interact, and the comparing that to how I interact with people.

People have a tendency to talk and act a little differently when they're discussing millions of dollars worth of potential investments. Overall it was an interesting presentation, with a little arguing thrown in for good measure. We'll see what the company decides to do with this presentation.
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Scott Francis Baker