Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Florida!?! But that's America's Wang!

Today Ben and I raked/mowed the leaves in my front yard up, so it's a little cleaner. Still needs some work, but that'll have to wait until all the leaves have fallen. We also decided to clean the fish pond while we were at it, since the fish were pretty much swimming in their own filth. The fish pond was totally filthy, but not any more. I went down to Russ' to borrow his pool skimmer to clean some of the leaves off the top and he ended up giving me some chicken wire to build a leaf screen. He's a great guy, always has good advice or things to give me. So we ended up emptying the hole pond and filling it up again, it's much cleaner now.

After than Ben and I went to my parents house to have some dinner. On the way over we made a little stop at Burlington Coat Factory to look at coats. Cool store, they have some pretty nice coats there except it looked like a tornado went through it. The whole store was pretty beat up. I'll have to go back and get a coat another time. I did end up telling my mom that a nice wool overcoat would be a good Christmas idea. They had some sweet overcoats.
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