Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I'm so hungry I could eat at Arbys!

Just got back from having drinks with Karen, Melissa, Paul, Isaac and Ayman... what a great time. I didn't really wanna go, but I decided to after I conned Isaac into going with me. Had a good time just shooting the breeze with those guy. Ayman is a lot funnier guy than I remember. Had a good time.

Let's see... what else happened today. Oh today was our (Justin and I's) big presentation to the whole company. Our big power point slideshow to show the company how badass we are. Basically it was a slide show about we use a lot of free open source software instead of expensive commercial stuff, as well as getting hardware from the secondary (read: used) market all in an effort to save money. Long story short, over the last 18 months between Justin and I we've saved over $380,000 of the companies money.

The presentation went over very well, we got very good feedback. I had no less than six seperate people come up and give me praise that our presentation was the best, it was well done and thoughtout, and very meaningful. I guess people really liked it, plus it was kind of funny. Overall it went very well. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing. My boss said the following, "You guys could come in to work for the next two years, sit in your cubicles naked and drink beer all day and the company would still make money off you." So true!

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