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Scott Francis Baker

October 20th, 2002

who was the brave and clever pioneer who had the idea of stuffing a pizza crust with cheese @ 11:18 pm

Last night Jason, Angie and Isaac came over to watch a movie. Dave and Stacy couldn't make it because Dave had to "work." So it was just us four. We watched True Romance, which is an even better movie the second time, and later A Bronx Tale. Both excellent movies. Jason spent the greater portion of the evening extolling the virtues of PBR while watching the movie.

Today I went to my parent for dinner and my dad and I cut the boards for the shelves I'm going to put in the closet in my front room. Right now Angie and are watching some more 24 because season two starts pretty darn quick and I want to finish season one first.
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Date:October 21st, 2002 03:56 pm (UTC)
I would have come over, but I lost track of time working in my shop. And I didn't have my phone out there with me.

Scott Francis Baker