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Scott Francis Baker

October 7th, 2002

There is no end to the amount of good you can do with someone else's money @ 11:10 pm

I had today off work, I've taken the next several Monday's in a row off. Just need to burn some vacation time. I ended up trimming the rest of my hedges today, thanks to Russ' borrow hedge clippers. I'll have to pick some up eventually, but not right now. Got it done in about 45 minutes or an hour... didn't realize until I came in how sore my arms were. Angie gave me an arm massage so that was nice.

After that allisa came over and brought little baby Jed. We had dinner and watched A Beautiful Mind. Good flick, little slow in some spots but still good. Now my night is winding down and I'm getting ready for work tomorrow.

As a side note I got a new keyboard and it has the symbol for the Euro! I'm so modern!
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Scott Francis Baker