Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Life liberty and the ability to purchase clitoris

So today was Angie's birthday party so we all went out to Bullwinkles to play some minigolf and then over to Red Robin to have dinner. For the minigolf we have a fivesome of myself, themabbi, davidfrey, sassadaisy, and potsie. We decided to up the stakes a bit and the person with the best score at the end got $1 for everyone else. Going into the last hole I was down by 3 strokes and potsie was in the lead. I thought for sure he had it until he took three strokes in a row before even getting it on the green. I putted about 3 feet from the hole which would have left us tied, but sassadaisy shot her shot and hit my ball knocking it. Scott wins! Oh yes!

I'd say this image probably sums up the whole evening. Or check out all the pictures here.
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