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Scott Francis Baker

September 23rd, 2002

Why do i always pray for a sniper when i see celine dion @ 11:19 pm

So I go to work today... about 8:10 Gene walks into my cubicle and says, "I thought you had a dentist appointment today at 9:00" Oh ya... forgot all about that. So I killed 20 minutes and went to the dentist. At the dentist he tells me, "that's a nice set of ivory you have in there, you're lucky owning ivory is illegal or I may take those from you." I told him if he really wanted ivory he should just strike up a deal with the tooth fairy. "She impossible to deal with, you know, the union and all." Funny stuff :)

Other things that have occurred to me today: Soprano's is slowing owning my soul, Allisa is very pregnant, I still need to trim my hedges, themabbi is gay for football, and work is boring.
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Date:September 25th, 2002 09:15 pm (UTC)
well ben and i can be gay for football together

Scott Francis Baker