Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Thanks for all your help, Nurse Horrific Monkeyface

Yesterday Justin asked me if I wanted to go down to PGE Park and see a soccer game (for free). His buddy Mike that I met at the Stephen Hawking talk has a box down at PGE Park. So Ben, Anil, Emily, and myself head down to PGE Park to meet up with Justin and watch a soccer game. So we get to sit in this box on the fourth floor. Not only does it have a great view of the field but there is a waiter that comes around taking your order for food. Plus there is a TV and a leather couch in the box. It was great.

Justin, Mike, and I sat around talking shop for a while since Mike works at Mentor Graphics. The Mentor IT department is 4 times the size of my entire company. I guess Mike runs a small company on the side and they bought that box at the stadium. I guess he splits the box up among 20 or so people. Well next year he may be looking to get some new blood in there. That would rock! It'd be awesome to have a guarenteed ticket to every sporting event that plays at PGE Park. I think Ben was thinking about getting in on it too. I hope it works out, it would be a blast.

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