Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

To to solve all of your problems you are coaxed into urinating in the maid's face

Wow I haven't posted on LJ in a couple of days, something must be wrong with me... Let's see what happened in the last couple of days. Yesterday we went and played some line baseball at Canby Highschool the highlight of which was Jason beating Hogland with his glove after discovering he was one of our DSL customers. Unfortunately we still lost. We played the three oldest guys on the three youngest guys. The young'uns took us 15 to 10. Still a great game though. I was sweating like a pig. Mental note, don't wear a black shirt in the hot sun again.

After that Jason, Ben, and I ended up going to a little party Dave was having at his old neighbor CJs place. It was pretty low key, just us sitting around his fire pit drinking beer. Got to meet Dave's new pseudo girlfriend that looks like Elaine from Seinfeld. Overall I'd say it was a good time. Highlight of the evening was comparing the insults "cocksucker" and "porch monkey." With the quote of the evening being "a black man doesn't even necessarily have a porch." Oh it was a good time.
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