Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

These people could have made a game about ass cancer worse than the original

Just got done playing poker for the first time in my new house. Dave Robben made a comment that he was upset that I've been in my house for over 5 months and he hasn't received a poker invitation yet. So we made plans and played poker. I probably invited 15 people but everyone had plans at the last minute. Pretty weird. It ended up just being my dad, Ben, Dave Robben, and me. Still a lot of fun, and I won $4.

Earlier today I went downtown with my folks, and that was fun. Got to use one of the new electronic parking meters that you can pay with a credit card. They're a little complicated, I think I ended up paying for two hours when I only needed one. I got some weird "credit" for the next hour or something. The simple fact that you can use a credit card instead of fishing for loose change should make them more convenient though.

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