Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Which is about as effective as the Three Stooges were at any of the jobs they were given

Tonight was the last dollar beer night for the Portland Beavers and no one wanted to go. I guess the normal crew just had better things to do. Regardless Ben Justin and myself all headed down to catch the game. We ended up winning 7 to 3 I believe, it was a good time. I still can't believe that lame punk mrwiz didn't come. Something about, "I'm on the couch watching Seinfeld." There were some choice buses downtown to be licked and he missed it.

On another note I think I need to write a letter to PGE Park. They have this stupid policy that you have to get a special wristband (it's free) before you can get beer. Wait in a long line to get the wristband, show your ID, put on wristband, wait in another long line, show ID again, get $1 beer. What the hell! What is the point of the wristband if I just have to show my stupid ID again. I could understand if they were just using it so the vendors don't have to check for ID but they're NOT. It's really lame.

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