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Scott Francis Baker

August 21st, 2002

you obviously mistook a chimp in a lab coat for a real doctor @ 10:26 pm

Yesterday I loaned my GPS to wheezer since he's been thinking about picking one up. Hopefully he'll get a feel for what a GPS is like... He does a lot of hiking which would be pretty cool with a GPS, makes me wish I was more active.

Tomorrow is officially my Friday since I took Friday and Monday off. I think those two days off should bring my available vacation time down to just around 200 hours. I'll have to check my latest paycheck. Ben is officially back to work so I'll have the house all to my self. Nothing like tossing off all over his room.

Still playing "Devil May Cry." That game is really bad ass, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I found this cool way to print four pages per page with my printer so it makes printing out those internet strategy guides pretty easy. That's really made the game a lot easier.
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Scott Francis Baker